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It's Auto Crowd Funding plan. Means Only you have to Join ... No sponsor Required ..Its Totally Autofilling Auto sponsoring plan ....Anyone can earn ,From one time Rs1100/- ...... A person will earn in few months Rs2,04,000/- again & again ... When you reach 10th level ...Your ID will automatically terminate & you will be prompted for new position in matrix if you want again Rs2,04,000/- from Your repurchase of Rs1100/-.....thts way each month Unlimited Income from this plan. Here payment is deposited directly into your bank account, paytm , Googlepay, phonepe, etc.. The best feature is there is No Admin charges ... it is totally open source program will run on automatic system ....with simple terms & conditions ... Its Great opportunity for all its only cost you one time Funding only Rs1100/- which can easily give u freedom of monthly expenses with very easy autofilling system ... Its Trend Changing Opportunity for all of new Era....Dont miss Freinds...What you will feel here you will not get it anywhere ...

Difference Between Other CrowdFunding Programs.

1.Its totally AutoSponsoring ..Autofilling fills very fast..
2.Each & every person got his monthly income fast ....bcoz we don’t promise for crore .. its takes more time to fill & everybody quits from the system we have created a very simple plan for all to fulfil monthly income....example for students , housewifes , retired persons, job seekers , home guards ,etc many persons ....
3.Can again take rentry if he got his Income fast ...will re-enter Fast Again
4.If any person after taking money does not green ur id his id will be blocked ...Your Id will be green......
5.Its low level matrix so fills Fast & Fast Re-Entry ......
6.Its also levels of low cost upgrade so everybody will enter into all upgrade levels.

How does it works ?

To Start with We have to Give Rs.1100/- to your 11 uplines as shown in back office,... You have to deposit or transfer amount to ur 11 uplines Bank or Paytm or which method they are using ,So they can activate your ID.
All person Who Joins this Concept has to place daily Promotional Advertisement as per company policy (Ads Given in back office under promotional tools with ur company registration link )to Your Facebook Account , Instagram , Whatsapp Daily 5 persons, Telegram 5 persons, Google+, linkedin , twitter etc
This is Auto sponsoring , auto Forced Crowdfunding Matrix auto fill Plan. For that if you are getting any downline as 3rd person, he will placed in empty place of above 2 persons. And you will not get that sponsor Income.This plan will be for 4 levels for that you have to upgrade every level. Every person can place unlimited Ids as they want ...


Very easy System each & every person has to Register online by clicking on register button on home page .. Each & Every person has to promote company Ads on social media like whatsapp, facebook , telegram, instagram , linkedin, google+, to miniumum 5 person ...Also you have to share screen shots of ads placed on social media to company email support system...Otherwise company will block ur id....

My dear friends Dont miss ..this Great opportunity ......

This is whole processs ... to get ur monthly income ... to get ur dreams fulfilment .... Freinds put ur full efforts to get 100% success in this open source platform for all... its real dreams4money.....Hope you all will like it ....

Plan Advance - 1100

Level No. of Members Income
1 2 X100=200
2 4 X100=400
3 8 X100=800
4 16 X100=1600
5 32 X100=3200
6 64 X100=6400
7 128 X100=12800
8 256 X100=25600
9 512 X100=51200
10 1024 X100=102400